Program Partners

The YMCA of Greater Seattle’s Alive & Free Street Outreach Program

Street outreach work, specifically in the area of gang prevention and intervention is an important area of focus for “A Better Seattle” campaign partners. In 2010 the City of Seattle’s Youth Violence Prevention Initiative provided $332,000 or 8.2% of the Initiative’s total operating budget to fund street outreach work. The city directs those funds to the Alive & Free program, a program of the YMCA of Greater Seattle.   The Alive & Free program serves as the A Better Seattle campaign’s official street outreach program. Alive & Free has a proven track record of reducing gang violence and advocates on behalf of young people directly involved in and impacted by gang violence. The Alive & Free program provides staffing, training, food, medical care, educational supplies, case management support and in-reach programs to youth in King County juvenile detention facilities and other essential services to  the hardest to reach and most at-risk youth in Seattle. The Alive & Free Outreach Network connects high risk, gang influenced youth and young adults with positive support systems and provides Critical Incident Response management for major incidents of youth violence and major event safety planning in partnership with Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI) to increase community safety. Alive & Free Outreach Workers advocate on behalf of young people directly involved in and impacted by gang violence and act as a bridge to services for those who are most in need of a community web of support. Outreach Workers reflect the young people they serve and have the training and skills to engage them in relevant, meaningful and positive opportunities that are proven to reduce risk factors for violence and gang involvement. Outreach Workers are trained in the Alive & Free Prescription™ and teach youth to eliminate risks from their lives and help them develop the self-knowledge, tools and skills to stay truly Alive & Free.

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