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    Pete Carroll’s A Better Seattle contributes funding to support Saturday’s gun buyback event

    SEATTLE – A Better Seattle, a Seattle Seahawks community outreach program led by Head Coach Pete Carroll, has donated $10,000 to support the Gun Safety Initiative, including the gun buyback program. Initiative organizers also announced that Saturday’s buyback event will include a buyback of high capacity magazines.

    “Our gun buyback program will help protect public health and safety and reduce gun violence in our communities," said McGinn. "I thank all of our sponsors and community partners for coming together to make this program possible. The rapidly growing community support for this effort and louder calls for stricter gun control laws in our country from President Obama are good signs that we are moving in the right direction.”

    “We are committed to reducing youth violence in our community and proudly join this larger collection of corporations, private citizens and community organizations who have come together to provide the financial support to make the gun buyback program a reality,” said Pete Carroll, A Better Seattle Founder and Seattle Seahawks Head Coach.

    “This is another important step in achieving our shared vision of creating safe environments, especially for our youth. The City’s Gun Safety Initiative demonstrates leadership and teamwork by our elected officials, the Seattle Police Department and the numerous agencies who have collaborated on this project,” said Carroll.

    “I am grateful to all the contributors who have stepped forward to try to prevent tragedy by making this gun buyback possible,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine.

    Founded by Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll in 2011, A Better Seattle is designed to create a culture of safety and peace by reaching at-risk youth and reducing violence in our communities. A Better Seattle serves as a unifying force to develop partnerships between corporations, law enforcement and community groups to build healthy communities and reduce youth violence. Their donation will help purchase gift cards that will be used as an incentive for individuals to turn in weapons and high capacity magazines at the gun buyback event.

    The total private financial support for the gun buyback effort now stands at $118,100. The Seattle Police Foundation is acting as the coordinator for the event and has donated $25,000. Donors include Amazon ($30,000), Nick and Leslie Hanauer ($25,000), UW Medical Center ($10,000), and PEMCO ($5,000).

    The first gun buyback event will be held this Saturday, January 26, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at 600 7th Avenue, in the Republic Parking lot. This is beneath Interstate 5, between Cherry and James Streets. Signs will be posted on site with specific directions.


    Participants should unload and secure the weapon in the trunk of the vehicle or in a locked container prior to transport. Individuals should not attempt to unload the firearm if they are not familiar with the weapon. Upon arrival at the gun buyback location, individuals will be advised to leave the firearm in the vehicle until contacted by a uniformed Seattle Police officer. The officer will meet individuals at their vehicle and safely retrieve weapons, magazines or ammunition from the vehicle. Once any weapons are rendered safe, officers will return to the vehicle with the appropriate gift card compensation. 

    Those who are not driving to the event are asked to secure the unloaded weapon in a box prior to bringing the weapon on site. Such individuals should contact a Seattle Police officer on site prior to entering the location, and notify the officer that they would like to turn in the weapon. Individuals will be escorted to the drop off location.

    In exchange for a weapon, individuals will receive up to $100.00 gift card for hand guns, shotguns, & rifles, and up to $200.00 gift card for assault weapons. Police armorers will be on site to determine if a weapon is functional and/or intact. Full gift card value will only be given for working weapons.

    The event will also include an offer of additional gift cards for “high capacity” magazines, but they MUST accompany the weapon. Gift cards will not be offered for magazines only. Gift cards in the following values will be offered:

    $10 gift cards per magazine for more than 10 rounds (handguns)
    $15 gift cards per magazine for 50 – 100 rounds
    $25 gift cards per magazine for over 100 rounds

    A detailed FAQ for Saturday’s event can be found at